How PracticumFit Works

Complete Signup

First, you will need to complete your signup. You should have received an email with a unique invite code. This is tied to your school email address, which has been entered by your program administrator. If you haven't received it yet, request to have it re-sent. Make sure you check your spam folder!

Once you have filled out the rest of your information, you will need to pay a registration fee for using the PracticumFit service, via a major credit or check card.

Browse Directory

Your program administrator has already filtered the list of available sites to show you only those that are applicable to your degree. You may further filter by a variety of criteria, or simply browse through all of the sites' profiles.

Select Sites

Next, select which sites you intend to apply to by visiting your Site List. Check off as many sites as you intend to apply to, up to your program or BAPIC's limit.

Apply to Sites

Each site has a slightly different application process. Follow the link to the practicum site's application page and submit your application.

Go to Interviews

You're on your own here! Go and apply at the sites. Remember which sites you liked best.

Rank Sites

Once you have completed your applications, you can log back into the PracticumFit and rank each of the sites you visited. You can feel free to change your answers as many times as you want, up until the Matching Process begins. Just drag items around in the list to reorder. Your ranking preferences will not be shared with the site or with anyone else, and will not affect how sites rank you.

Sites Rank You

Just like you are ranking your preference for sites, interviewers at the practicum sites are ranking all of their applicants. They'll make a list of their top candidates.

Receive Match

Once all the preferential matches are in, PracticumFit uses a Nobel Prize-winning algorithm to match as many students as possible to the site they would most prefer, while also taking into consideration the site's preferences. PracticumFit uses a variant of the Gale-Shapely algorithm.

Open Season

If, at the end of the matching process there are still some positions available at practicum sites, any student who did not match (but would otherwise have been eligable to apply) will see a list of potential sites they may contact directly. This list will still be filtered based on your program's requirements, but will not be limited to the sites you applied to.